James L Knight Center, Miami, FL

Spirit Bank Center, Tulsa, OK

Plano Centre, Plano, TX

The premier of the Dominion Warrior World Championships took place in Miami, Florida and has also been staged in Oklahoma and Texas. Our campaign is set to reach other markets in the USA, Middle East and Asia. More importantly, Dominion Warrior MMA will bring media attention to your company because of the variety of events we offer.

Media Coverage

Our Dominion Warrior promotional campaigns have partnered with media clients in print, television, radio and social media. With special attention to draw guests to our venues, we will heavily target the surrounding range. In addition, our broadcasting efforts will further promote your venue with our live stream viewings in local, regional and national markets.


We promote Martial Arts Events in World Class venues through the use of social marketing via our Website, Facebook, Twitter, Martial Arts blogs and other vehicles of exposure. Our marketing objective is to promote both your brand and venue nationally, with emphasis in the South region to a diverse audience.

With saturation directed primarily to local demographics, the promotions of MMA Fight Night by Dominion Warrior attracts local visitors who want to see premiere fighting events.

Our Ground Teams visit Sports Bars, Entertainment Complexes and Special Events in Oklahoma, Dallas and Fort Worth meeting face to face with our direct market. This allows us to place emphasis on those within reach of the host venue!