About Dominion Warrior

Dominion Warrior promotes MMA and Muay Thai Fight Shows.

Dominion Warrior MMA events recognizes Mixed Martial Arts as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with an audience ranging from preteens to grandparents, while attracting both male and female viewers. 

Dominion Warrior promotes MMA and Muay Thai professional events for both male and female fighters. As the authorized host of the S-1 Muay Thai Championships within the United States, Dominion Warrior sends US fighters to compete in the S-1 World Championships elimination tournament in Bangkok, Thailand.

Having a concern for the fighters is one of our main priorities. Dominion Warrior was the first to advocate a double weigh-in in Texas in our MMA and Muay Thai event. The result was a fight card that all fighters maintained similar weights the day of the event and all fighters appreciated the structure and concern for their overall well being. They performed to optimum strength and skill!